Reduce Bleeding Risk

COBRA PzF NanoCoated Coronary Stent (NCS)

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Introducing the world’s first and only non drug-eluting, nanocoated coronary stent that allows physicians to safely and effectively treat patients with short, 1-month DAPT.1

Exceptional Safety & Efficacy

In the FDA PzF SHIELD IDE trial, COBRA PzF NCS demonstrated:

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At 270 Days


Stent Thrombosis2‡




Month DAPT1
minimum requirement

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Strut Coverage at 14 Days
COBRA PzF NCS demonstrated near complete strut coverage compared to SYNERGY™ and XIENCE™ in preclinical evaluations.3

Faster, Higher Quality Healing Than Market-Leading DES*

COBRA PzF NCS combines a unique cobalt chromium stent platform with the cutting-edge Polyzene-F (PzF) nano-thin polymer.

Polyzene-F NanoCoating:
  • Ultra-pure & elastic barrier
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Thrombo-resistant, anti-inflammatory & rapid healing effects
Strut Coverage at 14 Days
COBRA PzF NCS demonstrated near complete strut coverage compared to SYNERGY™ and XIENCE™ in preclinical evaluations.3
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Individualized Antiplatelet Therapy (DAPT)

Finding the right DAPT balance is critical to reducing complications. COBRA PzF NCS is a new choice of stent that allows physicians an individualized approach to safely and effectively treat their patients who may benefit from a minimum of 1-month DAPT2 and is being studied with even shorter, 14-day DAPT in the COBRA REDUCE IDE trial.§

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Shaping the Future of Quality & Safety

In January 2018, CeloNova became one of a handful of companies in the U.S. selected to support advancements in medical device quality and safety through partnership with the FDA’s Case for Quality Voluntary Improvement Program (CFQ VIP).

This program identifies device manufacturers that consistently produce high-quality devices to help better focus FDA resources and promote best practices to help other manufacturers raise their level of quality and safety. Through the program’s partnership, CeloNova aims to further advance quality of care in patients in the U.S.8

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Correlation between bench testing, animal studies and humans have not been determined.
‡ Stent thrombosis defined as ARC Definite, Probable and Possible; stent thrombosis and cTLR assessed at 270 days [95% Confidence Interval ST, 0.00%, 1.29%, cTLR, 2.45%, 7.67%]
§ For more information about the COBRA REDUCE IDE trial, please visit:
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