Reduce Bleeding Risk

1 month DAPT

Short DAPT Ideal for High Bleeding Risk Patients1

COBRA PzF NanoCoated Stent (NCS) is safe & effective with 1-month DAPT1,2

Exceptional Long-Term Safety & Efficacy in Complex Patients

In the FDA PzF SHIELD IDE trial, the COBRA PzF NanoCoated Coronary Stent (NCS) demonstrated exceptional 0% stent thrombosis* and low ID-TLR at five-years in highly complex patients undergoing PCI.3

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9 Mos.2†


5 Years3

Stent Thrombosis
Long-Term Efficacy
7.8% ID-TLR (non-angio) | 12% ID-TLR (angio + non angio)
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ReThink Short DAPT

The world’s first and only non drug-eluting, nanocoated coronary stent that allows physicians to safely and effectively treat patients with short, 1-month DAPT.1

Faster, Higher-Quality Healing than Market Leading DES4‡

Strut Coverage at 14 Days
COBRA PzF NCS demonstrated near complete strut coverage compared to SYNERGY™ and XIENCE™ in preclinical evaluations.3
99% Strut Coverage at 14 Days
Polyzene-F NanoCoating
The ultra-pure PzF polymer possesses high molecular weight, elasticity and biocompatibility.

Polyzene-F: A Distinctly Superior Nanocoating

COBRA PzF NCS is coated with Polyzene-F (PzF), a biomimetic, nano-thin surface coating that acts as a barrier between the device, intimal surface, and circulating elements in the blood.

Learn more about how CeloNova’s proprietary process renders PzF distinctly superior within its polymer class:

About PzF

Individualized Antiplatelet Therapy (DAPT)

Finding the right DAPT balance is critical to reducing complications. COBRA PzF NCS is a new choice of stent that allows physicians an individualized approach to safely and effectively treat their patients who may benefit from a minimum of 1-month DAPT2 and is being studied with even shorter, 14-day DAPT in the COBRA REDUCE IDE trial.§

Learn About COBRA REDUCE IDE 14-Day DAPT Trial

Press Release

San Antonio, TX – June 1, 2020

CeloNova Announces Enrollment Completion of World’s First Randomized Control, 14-Day DAPT Trial

The COBRA REDUCE randomized control trial is a first-of-its-kind study designed to evaluate ultra-short DAPT in PCI patients at high bleeding risk with COBRA PzF NCS with 14-day DAPT compared to drug-eluting stents with 3 or 6 months DAPT.

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* Definite and probable stent thrombosis
† Stent thrombosis defined as ARC Definite, Probable and Possible; stent thrombosis and cTLR assessed at 270 days [95% Confidence Interval ST, 0.00%, 1.29%, cTLR, 2.45%, 7.67%]
‡ AS DEMONSTRATED IN PRECLINICAL STUDIES. Correlation between bench testing, animal studies and humans have not been determined.
§ For more information about the COBRA REDUCE IDE trial, please visit:
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