Nano-Thin Polyzene-F Polymer

Designed to be thrombo-resistant.

Introducing a new category of stent that combines a unique cobalt chromium stent platform with the cutting-edge Polyzene-F (PzF) nano-thin polymer designed to be highly deliverable and biocompatible.

This next generation PzF nanocoating is the result of years of rigorous scientific research and German-engineering.

The COBRA PzF NanoCoated Stent is the first nanocoated stent ever to be evaluated in clinical trials in the United States.*

About COBRA PzF Stent

TCT 2016

COBRA PzF NanoCoated Stent IDE Trial Announcement @ TCT 2016

Oct 29 – Nov 2, 2016 Washington, DC

Join CeloNova BioSciences at TCT2016, the world’s largest interventional cardiovascular educational meeting where we will be presenting our PzF SHIELD IDE Trial results.


Optimizing PCI in high-bleeding risk patients with COBRA PzF NanoCoated Stent*

November 1st, 2016:
Presentation Theater 2
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*COBRA PzF NanoCoated stent is an investigational device in the US and currently being studied in clinical trials with 1-month and only 2 week DAPT duration for patients at high risk of bleeding.

CeloNova’s microsphere interventional radiology product line has been acquired by Boston Scientific. Click here to read the press release.